• Yes, both power, control and alittle sadistic tendencies thrown in! However, the "bully" is really just the insecure person picking on the weaker person, the one that doesn't have the courage to stand up for him/herself.
  • Power is control and vice versa. allow me to introduce you to the power struggle. Some people are willing to do a lot of things for the sake of holding dominance. It seems understandable though if you look at how the same concept works among dogs. We say we are civilized but we still follow our primal instincts with every action.
  • Its an energy dynamic. On the energy level all human interactions are about interchange of energy. Cornering someone is taking away their "freedom to move" and so is power as well as control. You control their energy by their dominance, and some people thrive on controlling and cornering others. Some people will feel good about it because they are in control. For some people not being in control brings up a lot of fear, and so makes them corner others in some circumstances to maintain the upper hand. A personal example - I was in a live in relationship in a womans house with no say in what went on,what went where, the money arrangements, etc. So she was in control. As soon as I brought it up and challenged that totla control so to speak she cornered me, but without too much lengthy detail, she forced me into a no win situation where the only option was to walk away because if someones position of control is important to them, any attempt to rebalance that leads to being cornered further, especially if you are the peaceful type and do not like conflict or confrontation.
  • A Global Problem What exactly constitutes bullying? It is not quite the same as harassment or assault. It tends to involve many small incidents that accumulate over time rather than a single incident or a few of them. Psychologist Dan Olweus, a pioneer in the systematic study of bullying, identifies common elements of this behavior, such as deliberate aggressiveness and a marked inequality in terms of power. Perhaps no single definition covers all aspects of bullying, but it has been called “a wilful, conscious desire to hurt another and put him/her under stress.” The stress is created not only by what actually happens but also by fear of what might happen. Tactics may include harsh teasing, constant criticism, insults, gossip, and unreasonable demands.— *Types of Bullies ▪ Physical Bullies: These are the easiest to identify. They act out their anger by hitting, shoving, or kicking their chosen target—or by damaging their victim’s property. ▪ Verbal Bullies: They use words to hurt and humiliate their target, through either name-calling, insults, or persistent, harsh teasing. ▪ Relationship Bullies: They spread nasty rumors about their target. This behavior is predominantly adopted by female bullies. ▪ Reactive Victims: These are victims of bullying who turn into bullies themselves. Of course, their having been victims of bullying does not excuse their conduct; it only helps to explain it.
  • It could be. But my answer would be they are just jerks.
  • i think its both power and control

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