• Yes a bitch can be bred and fertilized by more than one Dog. My own grand Therapy dog, Bossco was born of such a litter. His Mom looked exactly like a black lab that was just a tad bit too long in the leg to be a purebred. She was bred by a purebred GSD and a purebred Golden Retriever. Two puppies looked like nearly perfect little GSD's two others looked VERY Golden Retriever, the rest of the litter were black dogs, some with short hair like a lab and some with longer hair. Bossco, who topped out at 37 inches at the shoulder, and 110 pounds, LOOKED like a Flat-Coated Retriever, except a bit too large for AKC standards for that breed. He was black (mom) but had the more profuse feathers from the Golden (dad). Although all of the puppies had a good deal of their Mom in them, temperament wise, clearly BOTH Dogs had also left their genes in several individual pups. Nine for this litter too...I believe the owners of the Bitch DID get her spayed after the pups were weened. She had been in her own FENCED IN yard, but the boys both jumped the fence! Since it was a rather fancy Trailer Park in Palm can guess the amount of teasing "Babe" and her owners got over this....affair.
  • Alsolutely. There was a neighbourhood dog that had at least 3 different males breed offspring in the same litter. She had 9 puppies and you could tell exactly which puppies were fathered by which male.
  • Yes! there a several days during which a dog can get pregnant during her heat, and there are multiple eggs released during that time, so she can definitely have several fathers for her puppies. Each puppy only has the one mother and one father: some eggs are fertilized by dog A, some by dog B, some by dog C, and so on.
  • I also wanted to add that she can also be impregnated more than once during the same heat cycle by the same male. So this means that some puppies in the litter, whether they have the same father or a different one, may be a few days "older" than other pups in the same litter. This can be a problem at times, if the mom delivers the pups on the earlier side, before the younger pups have matured enough.
  • Yes, a female dog in heat is able to have puppies that share a different sire (father). It is hard to know exactly but sometimes the dog owners will see the female with two different males and then the litter has puppies who have characteristics similar to one of the two males they saw their female with. We think my dogs that I had years ago had different fathers, they looked completely different and one was the spitting image of her father. I have also heard that female dogs can mate with three and more dogs in the same day especially when the time of the cycle has her ready to be with a male. The more males she goes with, the better chance the litter will have different fathers. I use the word father when refering to the male dogs for lack of a better word.
  • If there is more than one egg it can happen. But only one breed can be born, the others would be mixed.
  • Yes, it is possible if she bred with two different males.
  • i have seen this happend but wat i really want to now is if there are two males a pit and a rotti the mother is a pit rotti mix but the pit mates with her 2 times an the rotti only once will the pups look more like pits and also the pit mated wit her 2 days before the rotti ?

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