• We can't provide the proper details if you don't tell us where you live. Vehicle licensing in Canada is the resposibility of provincial governments; in the US, state governments. You would have to contact the Ministry of Transport in your province or the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to obtain this information. For example, the following web page lists the available on-line services in the province of Ontario, where I reside. Note that some requests cannot be processed on-line - you need to send in an application and/or visit a licensing office. Reply: No such site exists. As I stated, licensing falls under provincial / state juridications. You would need enabling legislation to permit information to be shared across borders, 50 of them in the US. Such legislation exists for purposes of law enforcement. The owner of a vehicle has the right to privacy: the protection of personal information that the government collects, but is no business of the general public. Where I live, searches can be made to identify the current owner of a vehicle or the owner on a specific date. Personal information concerning the owner, such as their home address, is not released to the public under this type of search. The general public has no right to access this type of personal data.

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