• In tennessee, that sign on the back of dump trucks, is a scare tactic. yes, if you get their name, license plate number, and truck number, they can be made to repair a broken windshield. a witness would not hurt your case. be sure you make a police report, so the reporting officer can come to the scene and witness what he sees as well as making the police report. this is covered under falling objects from a moving vehicle, which is a traffic law violation in tennessee. be sure to check with your local laws. it varies from state to state.
  • If you can prove that the owner of the vehicle that caused the damage was negligent, you can file a suit and win a settlement for the cost of repairing the damages. The deciding factor here is can you prove the driver or owner of the other vehicle didn't behave in a responsible way to prevent the accident. Say for example the tarp covering on the dump truck wasn't closed.
  • They are responsible only if they were negligent. Here's an example. I hit a golf ball and it goes way left and hits a car. My insurance company handled this one. My insurance company refused to pay for the damages. They say I wasn't negligent. I happened to hit a golf ball poorly and it happened to strike a nearby car. I'd be pissed if I was the car owner. But, the insurance company argued that driving a car next to a golf course is inherrantly a risk. I didn't intentionally hit the ball off the golf course.
  • In California, if your load is not properly secured or covered and it (or a piece of it) falls onto the roadway and, while moving, strikes and damages another vehicle, you'll be at fault. If you dropped it, you're responsible for what happens to it. If, however, you strike an object that somebody dropped on the roadway and it is stationary at the time of impact, you'll be at fault for unsafe speed for roadway conditions.
  • If you're that close to read it, then maybe the "Smart" and/or "Intelligent" thing would be to back away from that truck. I know several people who did call the cops and say "This truck tossed a rock and hit my windshield" cops say "OK, fill out a report and we'll check on it" They rarely do as it's not something that is a critical thing for them. So, just hit up the insurance company instead.
  • Here (UK), it's just hard luck - you just get on with it. However, if the road is in disrepair you could try asking 'Highways' for compo, you will need evidence, but you are unlikely to be able to prove liability.
  • Not in PA, it is considered a road hazard and the liability would rest on you
  • YES, the vehicle responsible for the damage is liable.
  • If something is laying in the road,it is a road hazard,If it is something that comes off your vehical and causes damage,you are responsible.

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