• Woman do have an adam's apple, it just shows less noticeably. When the larynx or voicebox grows larger during puberty, it sticks out at the front of the throat. This is what's called an Adam's Apple. Everyone's larynx grows during puberty, but a girl's larynx doesn't grow as much as a boy's does. This larger larynx gives boys deeper voices. The primary purpose of the larynx is to close off the airway when swallowing. The closure of the vocal folds, in addition to other forms of constriction, protects the lungs from the aspiration of food or liquid into the airway. The second purpose of the larynx is to create voice. Within the larynx are the vocal folds, which are responsible for producing sound, or phonation. for a more scientific approach see
  • Women do have an Adam's apple, but it's much less prominent. The human larynx rests in a frame of cartilage bound by ligaments and muscle. At the front is the thyroid cartilage creating the lump at the front of the neck known as the laryngeal prominence, known commonly as the Adam's apple. Properly called the prominentia laryngea, is the central ridge where two plates of cartilage meet. When boys go through puberty, hormones cause the larynx to grow rapidly, deepening their voices and causing the bulge to form. Girls' voices also deepen with puberty, but since their larynxes don't tend to grow as much, they don't usually develop an "Eve's apple." As for why men need deep voices: that's a totally different question and has to do with evolutionary things. Technically speaking, the Adam's apple doesn't really "do" anything. In fact, some folks consider the bobbing bump an eyesore and undergo cosmetic surgery to make it less prominent. The procedure is called a trachea shave and is typically performed on men who either want to reduce an uncommonly large Adam's apple or who want to make the bump completely invisible after a gender reassignment.
  • Men generally have a deeper voice than women and to accomodate for this differnce, their voice box, which is referred to as the Adam's Apple in men, has more muscles in it, to produce a deeper sound, thus it is more prominent, whereas women have a soft voice, so their larynx does not have such features and they have a smaller voice box, and no visible Adam's Apple
  • there is no purpose to the adams apple
  • men dont have them either
  • They already got his grapes. I imagine his apple is not far behind.
  • women have all the same stuff, but it's smaller and less functional. hmmm... you know, if women can't go shirtless because their breasts are bigger and more functional than mens', maybe guys should have to wear SCARFS at all times to hide their big ol' functional apples! :P
  • So following the reasons given here - surely this would then mean that men with a 'soft' or 'high-pitched' voice would have a less prominent Adam's Apple than normal, and in turn a woman with a deep voice would be more prone to having one showing?
  • Goodness we do have them haven't you noticed?

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