• A drain field is a series of perforated pipes underground which carries waste and other liquids from your septic tank to a field once the solids have settled. There are specific ways to build these drain fields which are environmentally friendly.

    Dig Up Field

    Once you have selected the field beside your house or the series of houses where the drain field is going to be installed, dig it up to the level of where the bottom of your septic tank is buried. Make sure to keep all the soil and sand on the side of the trench you have dug up so that the drain field can once again look normal once you have done the installation of the pipe. Pour washed gravel or something that will remain porous even after being packed down for years into the bottom of the trench for the pipe to be installed on top of.

    Attach Perforated Pipe

    From your septic system you will want to attach a perforated pipe running out of the side of it, with holes that will evenly drain the liquid around the drain field. Make sure the holes are pointed down, into the perforated gravel bed you have just poured. This pipe can be made of PVC plastic but would be better if it were metal so that it will be guaranteed to last longer. The pipe's gauge should also be big enough to not get clogged easily. After installing the pipe, fill the backfill and ground soil you originally dug up.

    Upkeep Drain Field

    Once your drain field is installed and properly working, protect it so you don't have to rebuild it. Don't let cars or heavy machinery drive over it, as this can crack your pipes and cause flooding in the drain field itself. Don't pave over the drain field, as this will keep the ground from becoming saturated, keep air from sifting into it and will kill all the bacteria which would otherwise help break down what is being drained into it. Don't plant vegetables or any fruits you might eat on top of it, as you risk bacterial contamination. However planting flowers and other plants on top of it is a good way to cover the open field with something beautiful.


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