• When a laptop hard drive fails or becomes too small to run applications and save documents, then it is time to replace it. Even people with limited PC knowledge should be able to change this device in most current laptops.


    Once you figure out where it is, replacing the hard drive on your laptop is a very simple process. Most manufacturers have made the hard drive location easily accessible so the device can be upgraded or changed out when it fails.


    Every laptop brand and model differs, but generally the hard drive is located on the underside of the laptop, although on some models it is located on the side panel of the computer.

    Underneath Location

    On the underside of the laptop there are two or three panels. The memory panel is also located here and can be confused with the hard drive location. You can tell if have the right device when you open the panel.

    Side Panel Location

    On laptops where the hard drive is located in a side compartment, it can be found either under the floppy disk drive or the smart card drive. In some laptops it is found in its own side compartment. Look for a screwed-in panel the size of a hard drive.

    Check the Manual

    Check your manual before opening panels, as some tell you where the hard drive is located. Otherwise, look underneath or on the side for the laptop panel.


    How to Replace a Laptop Hard Drive

    Upgrade your Laptop Hard Drive

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