• According to the British National Health Service, one in 10 men are unable to maintain an erection at some point during their lives. For most, this is an unwanted occurrence, but research has shown that certain behaviors can increase instances of impotence. Men wishing to induce impotence should note that these behaviors may be dangerous for overall health.

    Perscription Drugs

    A Texas A&M University study recently identified certain oral dietary supplements as a potential cause of impotence. Similar side effects have been noted in a number of prescription drugs, including anti-depressants, common anti-histamines and diuretics. While impotence is a potential side effect of certain drugs, no over-the-counter medication is guaranteed to cause impotence.


    According to the PBS documentary series NOVA, diabetes is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Diabetes, a condition in which the body stops producing the hormone insulin, can alter blood flow, making it impossible for diabetic men to maintain an erection. Diabetes is more common among the obese and those with diets high in fat and sugar.


    Chronic tobacco use alters blood flow, placing smokers at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. Smoking has also been linked to instances of cancer and heart disease. The National Cancer Institute, The Surgeon General's Office and the National Institute of Health all strongly warn against the dangers of smoking.


    According to NOVA, testosterone imbalances are the cause of a small number of erectile dysfunction cases. While hormone treatment is available to correct these imbalances, most licensed doctors will not allow patients to go undergo a reverse treatment in order to induce impotence.


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