• You do but not very much it is only caused by the energy needed for you to breathe (or sleep walk) so in caleries less than thirty I would say.
  • Sleeping 8hrs: 575 Calories During your sleep you burn about 300 kJ per hour, if you convert it into calories you obtain (1 calorie = 4,18 joules). So you burn about 71800 calories per hour during your sleep. If you sleep 8 hours, you'll burn 574400 calories during your whole night. [Which is 574.4 kcal, or "food" Calories, per night. boyd]
  • ive heard that too but dont know how much
  • If you have a high metabolism, you can burn a good amount of calories during sleep. As for how many calories? That all depends on how many calories you consume in a day.

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