• I don't know about nose picking being wrong! Inappropriate would be a better description, no-one likes seeing others going for a dig! Your nose (in addition to your ears) are a feature that grow as long as you are alive no matter what you do (that is why older people have larger noses!).
  • No I don't think it makes it bigger and I don't think there's anything wrong with doing it in private. Is it just a coincidence that the human finger fits perfectly into the nostril? I think not...
  • Don't pick your nose. Compulsive nose picking, known as rhinotillexomania, can increase the size of your nose and introduce infections or more serious problems Messing with your nose can have serious side effects including infections, difficulty breathing and even (iatrogenic) deformities. The younger you are the softer and more malleable your cartilage is, however it also makes you vulnerable to deformity or other side effects. Understand cartilage: Cartilage is malleable connective tissue that protects bones from rubbing together too much. Cartilage is also used by the body to shape and support other structures, including the nose. Over a lifespan cartilage can be replaced by bone in certain areas, including the nose. Cartilage can be manipulated because it is made principally of water, about 70% of cartilage is water tips>don't stress yourself! You look great just the way you are. Just because you don't look like Catherine Zeta Jones doesn't make you ugly. We're all beautiful in our own way! Remember, your nose is probably a whole lot smaller than it looks to you
  • i dont think so and its probably wrong cause of germs

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