• Notebook computers are a great help in making working, writing and schoolwork mobile. Notebooks come in hundreds of variations, and knowing exactly what is needed before buying will help to get the most out of the purchase.


    In order to pinpoint the technical specifications, it's important to get a feel for the tasks that will be completed with the notebook. Standard word processing and Internet surfing can be done on an inexpensive, lower-end notebook.

    Gaming and Graphics

    Computers used for graphics-heavy programs such as games or design programs will require a higher-performing processor, graphics cards and ample RAM. For gaming, many players prefer a widescreen monitor.


    Higher-end notebooks used for gaming often come with many larger components and can be heavy, weighing 5 pounds or more. Lighter notebooks are easier to carry in a backpack but may suffer from lack of performance and capability.


    Most newer notebooks can run two to three hours without being plugged in, others can last longer due to a more powerful battery.


    Once a laptop is found that suits your needs, comparison shopping may save you money. Pricing laptops at individual websites and in retail locations can find the best deal.


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