• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Comparison of Medical Alert Systems

    A comparison of medical alert systems was conducted by, which reviewed such areas as equipment, installation, monitoring and monthly charges. The result of its comparison was the recommendation of the LifeStation system, noting it has a five diamond UL listed monitoring center and 24/7 technical support and does not charge for equipment or installation.

    On the Other: National Vs. Local Companies

    Though national providers of medical alert systems show up more often when searching, advises that there are also regional and local options available. In some communities, hospitals and social service agencies also offer the service, and local providers may offer benefits that a national company cannot (e.g., personal attention, pricing options and in-house staff).

    Bottom Line

    Most emergency response system providers are reputable, but warns that there are a few unethical companies in the business. They advise seniors to look out for hard-sell tactics, pricing plans that are complicated and companies that are not straightforward in answering questions. Checking with medical professionals, emergency service providers and senior centers is also recommended.


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    Resource: Fall Prevention for Seniors Staying Connected to Those Who Care

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