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    According to Michelin, "Your [motor home] tire life depends on driving habits, driving conditions and geography, as well as the age of your tires." Look for tread wear, cracks, sidewall damage or the inability to hold an adequate air pressure.

    On the Other: If your motor home does not move

    Michelin recommends "any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a simple precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit."

    Bottom Line

    If you drive your motor home regularly, consider replacing the tires just as you would tires on a normal car, taking into account driving habits, tread wear, cracks and sidewall damage. If your motor home is rarely moved, replace them every 10 years.


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  • Generally speaking they should have a 1/16 inch tread. But they can also be damaged by dry rot if they've been sitting check for cracking. Your owner's manual would be a good reference on this question do you have it?

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