• A high school graduation is a celebratory milestone in a young adult's life. Many schools advise students to adhere to a certain dress code for this momentous occasion; however, parents are left to their own devices to find the appropriate attire. "Smart casual" is the ideal dress code for parents attending a high school graduation.

    Smart Casual Definition

    Smart casual is a dress code that is casual yet put together. Some people call it "business casual."

    Men's Attire

    A suit and tie may be a bit overdressed for a high school graduation. Instead, slacks, a collared shirt or a button-down shirt with a sports jacket is acceptable.

    Women's Attire

    Casual day dresses or slacks and tops are both acceptable. There is no need to overdress, but do not underdress by avoiding anything sleeveless and too short.

    Denim Option

    Only properly fitted, dark denim is acceptable under the "smart casual" dress code. Men should pair the denim with a blazer or a button-down to avoid looking too casual. As for women, consider wearing a blouse.


    Men should compliment their "smart casual" attire with shoes that compliment the outfit, like loafers. Women may wear heels, but jewelry should be kept simple. Women may also want to opt for comfortable yet dressy flats if the event is standing room only.


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