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  • Stop talking astrology.
  • Ha ha ha, Im on my second Aries husband! I have no idea what kept them interested, but if you happen to lose yours, you can have mine! In all honesty, these guys are arrogant. Feed their ego, look up to him, tell him how wonderful he is (but dont lie cuz he will know.)Be a SMARTASS!!!! Stand up to him (but let him win) He will enjoy the challenge, but if he loses the debate he will lose his patience and walk away. DONT take everything he says to heart. They tend to be show offs (to the point of exageration) and they can speak without thinking. If he says "your ass looks huge in those pants" he only means in those pants, not that YOU are fat. Just be you! If it works, great. If it doesnt, fine. But if you misrepresent yourself to the Aries man he will make your life miserable!
  • 1-27-2017 All that sign stuff is a bunch of Taurus. All men need feminine companionship. That mostly means talking. If your man gets bored, it's because you are not paying attention. American women have been famous for a long time for not taking care of their men, and the divorce rate is the result.

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