• Guessing you have the basics - each office setting can vary in the way they file and the computer programs they use but I think you have the general idea - get an interview and ask, than you'll have a better idea.+5
  • That's pretty much it - typing, filing, phones, that kinda thing. $15 hour doesn't sound bad, but check the place out first. You may be the only one doing all that work and making less money than everyone else.
  • Ever heard of a gopher? This essentially is what an office worker does. Including, making the coffee for everyone.
  • it can be a variety of things depending on what type of company you work for. may or may not be secretarial. call and find out. $15 an hour isn't bad.
  • i would assume you would answer phones, greet people, work on the computer, copy, file stuff like that. the pay is not bad, go for it, good luck!
  • as someone seeking employmnet it is your right to inquire of the responsibilities and duties you might be asked to perform. An "office worker" could technically require menial office work such as getting coffee and answering phones to being required to do payroll and make spreadsheets and really depends on the employer. I'd contact them and see what the job requirements are..I mean how can you sucessfully sell yourself and convince them you are the most qualified candidate for the job when you do not even know what the job is requiring?

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