• In your every waking second, you think about it. And will go out of your way to see/touch/hear/smell whatever it is. +5 Rainbow Knight HoboJoe Christened me!
  • The meaning of obsession in psychology is fixation. Fixation is the state in which an individual becomes obsessed with an attachment to another person, being or object (in human psychology). Sigmund Freud theorized that some humans may develop psychological fixation due to: 1.A lack of proper gratification during one of the psychosexual stages of development, or 2.Receiving a strong impression from one of these stages, in which case the person's personality would reflect that stage throughout adult life. Whether a particularly obsessive attachment is a fixation or a defensible expression of love is at times debatable. Fixation to intangibles (i.e., ideas, ideologies, etc.) can also occur. The obsessive factor is also found in symptoms pertaining to obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Your thoughts are dominated by the object of your obsession whether that be an object,person idea or image. In fact anything that dominates your thoughts so as to interfere with the day to day life and thinking is an obsession. You may or may not be aware you are obsessed. If you are aware it does not mean you can necessarily stop obsessing.
  • Magnificent!!!!! BTW, I like that movie.
  • its comparable to someone needing to post photos of everything they did all day on FB. if they don't,anxiety would tear them apart.
  • 2-19-2017 "Stinks real purty."

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