• Probably the 10lbs you want to loose. Can, I ask why you want to loose it so quickly and don't care about gaining it back?
  • I suspect that on 300 calaories you would loose far more than 10 lbs. You won't even die, though you will possibly cause irreperable long term health damage to yourself! . I would suggest that you reduce your calaories far LESS and excecise far MORE! . I have no idea how you eat on a daily basis. If you remove fast food from you diet completely, eat a normal well balanced diet, and walk 10 to 15 km a day (less if you run, less still if you swim) you will achieve the same without damaging your health. . You also don't mention how old you are but if you are an adolescent the damage could be worse still! . I would strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor about the best way to do this. he will likely not supprot your loosing weight that quickly, but if you tell him you are going to do it anyway and all you want from him is advice on the safest way to do it,he will likely advise you. . Iether that or else he will smack you up the side of your head to try and get some sense in and advise you if that doesn't work.
  • You are an idiot. Okay?
  • I know this is not the answer you want, but I think it will help you if you open your mind to it. Don't try to lose weight that quickly, and don't "diet." If you do, if you fall off the wagon (likely) you'll gain it all back, and if you reach your goal weight you'll gain it all back when you go off your diet and return to your original habits. Just make permanent changes in the way you eat and the weight will come off slowly, but permanently.
  • There's no point in eating only 300 calories. Everything's based off a 2000 calorie diet, and there's a reason for that. A lot of calories isn't a bad thing, as long as they're not empty calories you're taking in. I can have a piece of cake that's 300 calories, or a soup and salad that's 300 calories together. Just because they're both 300 calories doesn't mean $%#@ though! Putting a cap on the amount of calories you intake is utter crap An apple has 150 calories, and a can of soda does too. Does that mean since the apple has as many calories as the soda that it's bad for you? Not at all! It's about what you eat, not how much, unless you take it to an extreme of coarse. 1)Exercise. I've never been so skinny as when I'd work out. The catch? I ate probably twice as much as I did than when I wasn't working out. Your metabolism goes up, and you need more energy. Plus the good thing about working out is your body starts to know not to eat trash, so you automatically stop craving crap. 2)When you do eat, don't eat till you're full. The point of eating is to keep you alive and healthy, not to stuff your face every chance you get. Point- Walk every day, eat better, and cut what you're eating now in half, if you really are in a hurry. You'll lose weight without looking like a zombie, getting a disorder, or destroying your kidneys or any other essential body part.

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