• I'm anti-military and against capital punishment.
  • I am against war and against capital punishment :)+4
  • Pro war? Who the heck is ever that insane? Yeah great YAAAY WAR!!! Sometimes it is necessary to defend. Capital punishment? When a person has committed the most heinous acts imaginable they have forfieted their right to live. Not my problem. Death was small to them when they committed a crime against another person so let them see what death is really.
  • I'm against all war, but sadly in this world situations may arise where the best option is war. I do oppose capital punishment but I understand why some people would want to see certain criminals put to death (for heinous crimes). It is wrong though.
  • If provoked war maybe neccesary, if not then no war isn't neccesary. War is a failure of attempting a political agenda from either side. Captital punishment, yes sometimes it is neccesary and those who are sentenced to it most likely had a free choice to either do the crime or not.
  • I am not Pro anything...different strokes for different folks:)...If someone would rape and kill one of my children...well lets just say I wouldn't wait for the courts to decide what to do with them:):) Lord Forgive Me for what I am about to do:):)
  • I sorta oppose both...
  • I'm pro Appropriate Wars, I've not seen too many examples of such. As to capital punishment- I'm for it.
  • Oppose both
  • I am against capital punishment, and I accept that in certain circumstances there can be a just war. The difference between the two is that the convicted prisoner is entirely under your control, and cannot do any more damage. The enemy is not under control, and for the war to be just must be about to do harm greater than or equal to the harm of killing him. Killing is a just war is killing in self defence. which I accept. Killing a convicted prisoner is revenge, which I do not accept.

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