• Ladies, sorry, as it is all I can pretend to understand, this is a male (my) view. If someone finds some of this offensive, it is not my intention, just the way I think and believe most men would... Much as, in the short term, I think it would be great, I can also see some negatives. . 1) Might the allure and excitement even the hint/thought/glimpse of a breast now arouses (word used intentionaly) not quickly disapear if it became a common sight? . 2) Are we (men) mature enough to handle it? I can picture day one and all the guys walking around with their jaws hanging open, drooling. Just think of the increase in traffic accidents! . B.T.W. when I used to have a H.O in Stockholm, visiting in the summer ALL the younger guys had sandwiches in the park 'cause all the secretaries did and, there, it was quite usual for them to go topless! . 3) finaly, on a more serious note, I think there are a lot of people who would find that inapropriate, at least in North America. As long as they are a substantial part of the population, perhaps it isn't appropriate. . I do wonder why there can't be public nude/semi nude beaches, as long as they are clearly marked so that no one who would be offended need be surprised.

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