• The tingle is a potentially bad sign. Please go to the doc ASAP
  • I'm not being a smart ass here, but are you really consdiering going to an ER for a temp that is barely a fever?? Take 2 tylenol and see if your temp drops in 1 hr
  • Take some Nyquil. It will help with your fever and help you sleep, which is what your body needs to fight it.
  • I'm not making this up. You can lower your temperature by smoking a cigarette. I smoke, so I know.
  • I wouldn't go to the ER unless I had a fever of 104 that I couldn't bring down myself. Lots of liquids and some Tylenol should work.
  • 103 is when I start to consider ER help. Sounds to me like you caught a cold or the flu. Tylonol helps lower a fever. REST!!! Going to work only makes it worse. It also spreads what ever it is you have. Consider missing one day of work to get well, rather than wear yourself down to the point you have to miss many days of work because you are too sick to go, as well as the other employees that will thank you for it. ' Hope you feel better soon. =)
  • The danger line for temperatures varies with age (young people can have a higher temperature without ill effects) but the tingle on the spine sounds strange. You might want to go get that checked out or at least give your doctor a call. Tylenol is good for bringing down a fever.
  • If your over 21 have a hot drink, my grandpa swore by hot water with whiskey(or brandy), honey and lemon(if with whiskey this is what the Irish used to call "punch"). 1 or 2 of those would always put me out and I would normally wake up with out a fever, still had the cold or flu but no fever. And wrap yourself up good and warm before sleeping. When I was little my mom would have me take a warm shower then stand in front of a fan to dry off, it worked too.
  • The fever isn't dangerous until 104-105. Keep an eye on any cough you have, if the bottom of your rib cage starts to hurt when you cough it could be pneumonia or pleurisy. If your lungs get tight and its hard to breathe, it could be asthma with bronchitis. Otherwise, just keep drinking those fluids and rest. Don't go to work, I know you can't afford to miss it, but walking pneumonia is more expensive than a missed day of work. Give your body time to rest and heal.
  • i would go to the er if youre getting those tingly sensations
  • i would go now
  • i would go to the er if youre not sure about stuff
  • maybe you should go to the er if youre getting a fever like that

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