• Canada cold in the winters beautiful summers good bud here nice if tou like out doors mountains lakes forest
  • CANADA Our country has a lot of land and little people. Land area: 3,511,003 sq mi (9,093,507 sq km) About 34 Million people. We are a lot like American's but a little more socialist or we call mixed economy, so Capitalism with universal health care, social assistance and senior care. So a little more Obama then Bush. We are democratic though our senate is not voted in. (Which us in the West want changed, but the East has the numbers to say no.) We are also more known as peace keepers and pacifists. Though weed is not legal it is more tolerated here. There are not a lot of gun nuts here. It's cold in winter (though it depends in which province you are for the coldest) and we have a decent ski/snowboarding season. We are very multi-cultural and multi-religious. We have two official languages English and French. We are kinda known for Maple Syrup, back bacon (like fried ham) and GREAT BEER! I am from the West - So I live near the Rocky Mountains which are beautiful in Summer and Winter. There are lots of hockey fans here though I'm not one of them. Our money looks sorta like Monopoly money. Funny little fact, many Canadian's have a bad habit of apologizing when someone runs into them. So overly polite (but that is not everyone so don't do it on purpose) Oh and we say eh? a lot. It is kinda like a question mark. "That's your car eh?" And we do not all say aboot instead of about. A lot of the Canadian stuff you see on tv is making fun of Quebecers (Our french province) or the Newfies (Newfoundlanders). The Newfies have a really unique accent compared to most Canadians.
  • United States. It's beautiful here. I live in Utah and what makes Salt Lake City unique is Brighman Young saying "This Is The Place" on July 24, 1847. The Mormon pioneers settled here and made preparations for many other Mormons who would be following. Our state is populated mostly by Mormons. Yes I am technically a Mormon but I have not been active in the church for years. I'm not able to follow all the rules and I will not be a hypocrite. So I pray at home as I drink my coffee which Mormons are not supposed to drink.
  • Canada. We have more hockey pucks per person than any other country and lead the world in people who hate Toronto.
  • I'm from Cape Town in South Africa. I hope you don't mind if I copy and paste some propaganda from a promotional website. ;-) "Unique Features What sets South Africa apart from other destinations? So many of the world’s holiday hot spots have intriguing features and characteristics which attract curious travellers. We certainly have these too. But what the uninitiated traveller does not know is that South Africa’s special attractions are unusually diverse, and extend to much more than our scenic beauty, our wildlife and African “tribal” cultures. What is there to discover here that you will not encounter anywhere else in the world? Here a few examples: Eleven Languages in one Country South Africa has the world’s richest diversity of languages and cultures in one country. There are eleven official languages, although English is the lingua franca and language of business. Consequently many South Africans are fluent in multiple languages,which makes them unique in their own right. Modern South Africans often employ a blend of languages in everyday conversation, making the spoken word a rich experience and allowing for a lot of expressive variety. A Rainbow of Cultures How to describe the fascinating melange of culture in South Africa? There are nine official “African” language groups, each with its own heritage and traditions; the culture of those of European descent is still strong; and as with so many colonised countries around the world, immigrant populations to South Africa have brought in strong influences as well. The Indian community of KwaZulu-Natal has had a lasting impact on the cuisine, religion and customs of that formerly British settlement in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom. The influence of South Africa’s early Malaysian immigrants has similarly filtered into the Western Cape, influencing food, faith and family life. And inevitably the mix of peoples – former European colonists, local indigenous people and immigrants from India and Malaysia – has resulted in a strong and vital mulatto or “Coloured” community. In the remote north-western arid regions of South Africa, the ancient San People, the earliest inhabitants of southern Africa, still cling to their traditional hunter-gatherer way of life. No wonder we have dubbed ourselves the “Rainbow Nation”. African Ubuntu The Zulu world "ubuntu" translates roughly as "we are who we are through others". But it means much more than this. “Ubuntu” is essentially a phrase that defines an African view of the world in which the individual is never alienated. Ubuntu means, in essence, that we are who we are through our interactions with others, without ruling out individual strivings and aspirations. By respecting everyone’s dignity, no matter how humble, and by listening to what people have to say, Ubuntu binds up the wounds of society and makes the whole community a winner. Legacy of our Political Miracle The negotiated political transition in South Africa from apartheid to a free democracy is rightly regarded as one of the leading political “miracles” of the 20th Century. Nowhere else in recorded modern history has a minority leader ever voluntarily relinquished power and entered into peaceful negotiation. In the aftermath of the transition to democracy our great statesman, Nelson Mandela, demonstrated a generosity of spirit and a creed of reconciliation that disarmed even the most hardened cynics and opponents. Other divided societies with long histories of racial or religious conflict could only look on in awe. Furthermore, from a racially-divided, harshly uneven society with an economy on the brink of collapse, South Africa over the past decade has become a thriving market economy based firmly on the highest standards of democracy, free speech, the rule of law and the most advanced liberal democratic constitution in the world, underpinned by an independent judiciary, a free press, and a multi-party democracy. This is truly an inspirational country to visit. Through the experience of this transition South Africa has become a world leader in the successful conduct of conflict resolution through negotiated compromise towards a “win-win” solution for all parties. These lessons are invaluable for business in a variety of ways, from the attributes of successful business leadership to dealings with key stakeholders, communities, government, organised labour and company workforces."
  • I am from Nepal, a small but beautiful himalaya's country where situated world's Mount Everest height of 8848meter from sea level. If you want see real life of the world you must visit once in your life before die. because this life don't come again.. you can share, talk with natural, we don't have any artificial life, infastructure... so...
  • I'm american, its freaken awsome, her citizens are f-en bad a**
  • I'm from the U.S.- I'm from a country area in Michigan- it's unique because if you don't like the weather today- wait until tomorrow- always something different- and the U.S. is probably one of the most hated countries in all the world right now- with lots of people shaking their heads at the way our country is being run. +3
  • I'm from New Zealand It's awesome over here :) It's very very green and has amazing mountains :) +5
  • United States, New york. I like America because it has the largest economy in the world with the largest opportunities. Simply America has billionaires more than any other country.

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