• It had the picture of a naked man holding a birthday cake. Inside the card it read " Hoping your birthday is full of joy, forget the candles and blow the boy".
  • Well... it was a fourth birthday card on my 8th birthday.. and the funny thing was, the person thought I was 4...
  • for my last birthday my sister sent me a card with a 'my little pony' on it and it said "for my niece on her special day" .... my sisters are all nutty! good thing its not genetic ;)
  • I'm sure it's unethical or something to answer your own answerbag q's but I remembered a card I got which prompted the question in the first place. It was a cartoon depicting a very drunk, very fat man wearing a printed floral frock. He held a bottle in one hand and a half-eaten hamburger in the other. He was standing outside a door with a sign that said "Alcoholics, Overeaters and Crossdressers Anonymous". The caption was: "At last, Frank had found a place where he could stop eating, drinking and being Mary" I still have it somewhere. Must find it now.
  • ITS KINDA SAD ive never gotten a "funny" birthday card lol they've all been just the same ol same ol "have a great birthday"

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