• If you really have to ask this question, you definitely don't know if she will cheat on you or not. How do you know she's not cheating on you right now? Why do you think she will cheat on you if she can't see you for 4 months? Can't you trust her after being together with her for almost three years?
  • this one depends heavily on the loyalty and trust you have for one another. if that has stood the test of time for 2.5 years then it doesnt matter if she's next door or in paris for 4 months, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. another rule of thumb is what is done in the darkness eventually comes to the light. there is no fool proof way of knowing that she wont cheat on you thats why you have to rely on the trust and honor that you have built up in the 2.5 years you've been together. if it is strong enough then you shouldnt have any doubts in your mind that she will remain as faithful to you as you are to her. and one night stands tie in with cheating so once again it all depends on the love, trust, and loyalty you have for each other.
  • First off trust her its the most important thing. Then one time face to face sit down and talk to her, bring your problems out into the open and be fully honest with her only then can you work throught the problem together. With regards to knowing if shes cheating on you theres no way of 100% knowing unless shes caught red handed. But if you have concerns talk to her and talk early dont let the problem stew it wont help. In all trust her and talk to her. Relax it ill be hard no denying that but if you love and trust each other there is no reason for the relationship to last and come out the other side better. You know what they say absense makes the heart grow stronger.
  • To be blatantly honest, you can't. Give her your complete faith before she leaves. She will be less inclined to cheat on you, and even if she does so, the guilt will kill her (if she has a soul).
  • I'm very sorry you don't trust her. Are you sure you want to be with someone you don't trust to be faithful to you? Has she been unfaithful in the past? Honestly, there will be no way to know if she did or not once she comes back. You just have to accept that, trust her, and if it happens (and she tells you, since thats going to be the only way you'll find out), then deal with it when it does. You can't sit around thinking about "what if". Either you trust her, and you want to stay with her, or you don't. She will do whatever she's going to do. End of story.
  • I am going through the same things, my girl is overseas and the first month was very rough. She hangs out with a lot of boys and in their dorm rooms as well. she loves it there so much, the new college party life, that she's told me she wants to stay for a year instead. I'm not finding this okay, so I ask questions and she freaks out saying I'm trying to ruin her fun... what do I do?
  • You don't know that she will or won't. You probably won't know if she has unless she tells you. That's where trust enters into the picture. I have found it best to trust the person I'm with unless they give me reason not to...and not dwell on "what ifs".
  • You don't, you won't. You can't hold on to someone by expecting perfection from because none of us is perfect. Being apart there will be many temptations but what is most important is not when you are apart but when you are together.

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