• No. I utterly despise every aspect of living where I do. It has many terrible features, it's hot and humid, mostly infested with insects and vermin, the local government and law enforcement is corrupt and/or inept, the majority of the populus are immature, violent, and imbecilic. But the worst part by far, is that it happens to be over 4800 miles from the one person I want to be with.
    • Anonymous
      Where do you actually live!!
  • I would like to live slightly more north in New Jersey. And you ask, "Who the hell would want to live in New Jersey?" And I tell you: the people who live in Maryland and anyone who has to put up with people from Delaware.
    • Anonymous
      I like Maryland, some nice restaurants with singers/piano there. (Silversprings)
  • No. It's really nice here, but I want to go to New York.
    • Anonymous
      Where is here!
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Anonymous, you can't read well. The question in this subject asks about a COUNTRY. American Idle said: "It's really nice here," It's in the US he or she is referring to.
  • The place is not bad where I live it is the people here that make it bad Star Valley, Wyoming, USA
  • I do believe the old saying "Grow where you're planted". I live in a nice little town about two hours from Memphis, so we've got the small town thing and the big city when we feel like it. I moved away when I was younger (which I encourage every young person to do!). I came back when I had my first son, it's a good town to grow up in! :)
  • I'm currently living in Las Vegas. It's alright. Everything is new and beautiful, the residential communities on the west side are some of the nicest in the country, and there are always plenty of venues for fun. But you also encounter lots of bad attitudes, and lots of ignorance. Vegas is very isolated from the real world. Be prepared for deathly hot summers (think 110 degrees EVERY day), very little rain, and no spring or fall. As fun as Vegas can be, I'd rather live somewhere else. Preferably on the eastern half of the country. Or in Europe.
  • No, but alas, I can't live in Oxford, England as I don't have enough money to transfer my family there. I would literally have to live in a shack to reside there. so sad :(
  • I live in a nice wee town in scotland, its safe, theres not too much in the way of crime, the weather isnt too bad (we've had a good winter this year) the people are friendly enough, but i would just love to live in Australia with my family..... all that sun, sea and sand, it would be lovely........ oh well i can always dream. If i win the lottery i would go there, also i would like a penthouse in New York.. not asking much am i?? Oh well dreams are free.
  • I'm not liking Durham, NC. There's too much racial tension, the humidity's too high... it's like Baton Rouge, LA without the culture or the cuisine. I'd love to move to Mississippi because I have family there, it feels a lot safer, and the traffic isn't total doom. The motto ("It's like coming home.") really rings true to me. :) I'd also like to live in the mountains of Tennessee (no state income tax!), or Nevada to be closer to someone I love near Vegas (and no state income tax). Florida also doesn't have a state income tax, but property values are still artificially inflated over there in many areas. I like that Nevada seems to be a rather Libertarian state, but the climate doesn't really do it for me.
  • I live in the armpit of the Midwest. Dayton, Ohio were the crime is rampant and the government is corrupted. I would much rather live in a different area, but I have two beautiful kids that I would never leave. So I guess I'll make the best of it.
  • I live in the Kansas City area, and I like it here. There are pluses and minuses wherever you live, but the summers aren't horrible, the winters aren't too bad, there are lots of trees and rolling hills (the Western 2/3 of Kansas is flat), the size of the place is manageable.
  • I live in the city of Long Beach, California. It is a great place to live I am in walking distance of all shopping and the theater plus there is good public transportation to take me to the airports and rail station alos to Carnival cruise ships. I won't live anywhere else.
  • I live on a deserted island, somewhere in the English Ocean. This is where the Aliens put me and told me to stay.
  • I love my country! I don't like the crime in the city where I live, but I'm here because of access to medical facilities and services I need. I like that there is so much to do so close! It seems like we have everything including public transportation to the events so you don't have to worry about traffic or parking! I love my cheap rent, the pool I don't have to clean and the fact I no longer have to worry about maintenance or repairs, but I'd rather have my own home again - a little cottage in the country, mountains, or on a private beach... Still this probably works best for this stage in my life.
  • Yes, I choose where I live. I have moved much between Japan and the USA. I earned much money as an actress and model, so I can afford to live anywhere.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      I have always enjoyed watching Japanese mascots. They are funny.
  • I live in a borough: (pronounced like a rabbit "burrow"). I really want to go back to whence I came though and I would like to live in the South of France, though. I can wait!
  • i dont like it where i live, i never seem to have friends here and it makes me wonder if i should move away
  • I have no plans of living elsewhere. I am doing great in the US West Coast region.
  • no, i hate it where im at, i cant seem to make friends here
  • I live on the rez in central calif mountains. I like it here, we been living here for several thousand years.
  • No. Living where you want - and how you want - requires money. To be able to live wherever you might want requires you to be independently wealthy (i.e.: you have to NOT need a job) OR independent in the sense of being self-sufficient (again: you DON'T need a job) OR a worker that can earn a living literally anywhere (which, as far as I know, is not really possible, there's always competition, there's always places where jobs are not available, etc.).

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