• Yes, I think it's possible for some people. They, of course, are the people who are not trustworthy and not capable of commitment. Even those lowlifes can love.
  • Yes, but mostly because there are different sorts of love for all sorts of reasons. For example, a husband may still love his wife because she is the mother of his children, but have other serious problems between them which leads one or the other to NOT love them romantically. Does that make sense?
  • It's easier for men to separate sex and emotions, women like sex more when they love someone, men do too, but it's also easier for us to say "its just sex..". So when someone thinks they're in love and wouldn't cheat, and they do anyways, they are just wanting wild, passionate animalistic sex because there's no feelings involved, all their feelings are reserved for their love.
  • I think you can think your in love and cheat. But if thery cheat they DON'T love there s/o If you love someone you wouldn't ever think of chesting.
  • no. You can love the things someone does for you or provides to you, but you dont love the person if you cheat.
  • No you would not cheat if you really love someone,,,and I mean real LOVE.,,,
  • No, if you really love someone you would never do anything that would cause them that kind of pain.
  • No! Absolutely NOT!
  • All the women say no. Then they do it. Could I? You bet your behind I could
  • Sure. If she's messing you about and playing with your emotions... She deserves it.
  • if you really truly love them, this never enters your mind, the only thing that enters your mind when you encounter situations like this, is that your not going to cheat on them ever.
  • You can. If you really hate you.
  • I think the thing to remember here is that love is wonderful yes but it is not this magical spell that makes us perfect or infallible so yes I do believe you can cheat on someone you love. We're only human and we can make stupid mistakes regardless of if we're in love or not. I would also like to add to this as humans we are all diverse and different and some people may truly love and cheat and you dont know all the circumstances of all the people who've ever done it or havent done it so try to be a little more thoughtful and a little less judgemental in your answers. NOT ALL CHEATERS ARE SCUM!
  • Speaking only for myself, of course: No way could I cheat on someone if I really loved them.
  • Of course you can. It happens all the time. Sex is a powerful stimulus. Love isn't instrinsically monogamous. Monogamy is a matter of choice. Love doesn't eliminate sexual desire or prevent you from succumbing to desire, even when it's something you wouldn't normally do. And having sex with another person does NOT prove that you no longer love your S.O. You could make a big fuss, scream and throw things, even get divorced over a simple sexual fling--but why? Are you willing to throw it all away just b/c your S.O. had sex with another person? Why make such a big deal out of a sexual affair? Some married couples even have lovers on the side. There's a famous play in which a man learns that his wife's lover has been meeting with another woman. He confronts the lover and demands, "Have you been unfaithful to my wife?!" :) Such affairs don't work for everybody, but the reason is immaturity and jealousy. Jealousy destroys more relationships than "cheating." Having sex with a third person doesn't prove that you have stopped loving your S.O. It doesn't mean your love will dry up and blow away--unless you insist on it.  

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