• Because they are set in their ways and unable to adapt and accept what has changed since their time.
  • Stop listening to that ol' uncle of yours and lets find you a yonger feller...what cha sayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ah Shweet Thang You..;+
  • its hard for us to understand in this fast forward world that in 'thier' time, things worked at a snails pace, everything was done right etc etc. thats not to say that what we have isnt good! but many aspects of our lives are actually going back to those times-take organics, we are being forced back to old methods because agro chemicals insecticides herbicides etc are being banned by the dozen, old ways are being incorporated again (ae well as new friendly methods ) its all going bacwards at the moment, im sure when we get really old we will have the same attitude
  • Becaue they are old.
  • They think that they don't make em like they used to.
  • can you picture your grandmother trying to handled a i-phone
  • Well, many have had a memory lapse or two. They tend to forget many of the bad things of their generation and get frustrated with many of the changes that they don't understand. High tech stuff is pretty much beyond many from the depression era. My granny got frustrated when the TVs got beyond turning the dial by hand to the three or four channels she had. I can understand. Some things are changing faster than I can keep up with.
  • I don't know why some of them do. Have you heard or read what they've disdained from outside their generation? Do they also denigrate things that came before their generation, such as the car, pasteurization, or the light bulb?
  • Beats me. I'm thinking we're still getting good milage out of the transister, microwave, nuclear power, and sex personally. :):):)
  • Maybe they just prefer what's familiar to them.
  • Not all are like that, some try to fit in. But the ones that are like that are similar to stubborn christions, they think their time is the only right time. They think the way things were back then gave them the feeling that, that was when the country or world, or their own lives were the best years, episodes in their own lives etc.
  • Because it does. In the '50s there was no nonsense about global warming or recycling back then. Everybody could use just as much fossil-fuel as they wanted and as much of all other irreplaceable natural resources as they wanted. There was no crap about political correctness: women knew their place; it was a man's world. Everybody smoked and drank as much as they liked. There were no upper speed limits on roads. Then there was the '60s and we had most of the '50s goods and as much sex as we wanted before AIDS was invented, and at that time all STDs were easily treatable with penicillin, and we had legal LSD as well. Elvis was going strong, and there were a few (hundred) bands whose music is still played today. What have the young got today? Mobile phones and computer-games, Oh, yes, and tattoos. Great! I'm s-o-o-o envious.
  • I don't think the majority of them do. But I don't think they should have to like something because it is new. New does not have to mean better. People need a sense of perspective and appreciate that appeals to one generation may not mean that it will appeal to all. Maybe another way of looking at it is why do young people not appreciate that things do not have to change and that sometimes the older ways are better.
  • Maybe a lot of younger folks would agree with the older generation, if they knew what the older folks knew.
  • I'm afraid to answer! I was in an only-somewhat similar discussion elsewhere and my thoughts were simply dismissed by others -- oh, well. I will shorten my thoughts this time: * I think that over the centuries, every generation as it ages , has always found the younger generation ( and things related to the younger generation ) 'not-up-to-par' with the aging generation. Why? I don't know. * And I don't think there ever were " The Good Old Days " for any previous generations - - there are always woes and troubles through any generation. yikes - - I'm submitting my answer. :) +5

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