• No... wait, transvestite is like a cross-dresser, and transsexual, is like a... transsexual, yea. Right?
  • Transvestite is a man who wears womens clothes. Transexual is a man who became woman.
  • Transvestite means wearing clothes of the opposite gender - usually a man wearing a woman's clothes since all men's clothes are worn by women too. Transsexual is a person who became, or is in the process of becoming, the opposite sex through hormones and/or surgery.
  • Without looking it up, I believe a transvestite is someone who enjoys wearing the other sex's clothing and gets a kick out of it, and a transsexual is someone who seriously desires and often has a sex change operation. Notice I don't say a guy or girl, since either sex can be a transvestite or transsexual. Geez, even the words are hard to spell! (lol)
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  • Trans - to cross, as in transit, transfer vest - dress... hence vestments, or vest sex - gender . trans-vest.ite= one who cross dresses . trans-sex-ual= one who "crosses" gender, i.e., goes from one gender to another. . +5
  • Obviously, a transvestite is a woman who wears jeans. . . . . . . . and I'm kidding.
  • A transvestite is someone who cross-dresses for fun, or for sexual gratification. A transexual is someone who identifies as a gender other than the one they were born with and has undergone, or is undergoing, or intends to undergo, transition from one gender to another. A transgendered person is someone who identifies as a gender other than the one they were born with, or as no gender at all, or as something other than either male/female, who is not necessarily having or had any medical or surgical treatment.
  • transvestite is a guy that likes to wear womens clothes transsexual is a guy/girl that wants to change or has changed sexes
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. With out looking it up or reading the other answers to me a tansvestite is a guy (or gal maybe these days) who like to dress in the other sex clothes and garments. Not so much at to be the other sex just pretend. A transexual is a person in between sex changes, a ladyboy gor example, has the rack, work done to remove the Adams apple, hormone and laser treatments but still has the hoodle in tact. Did I win? Do I get the prize? B>)
  • Didn't read the other answers. . Transvestites are men who dress up as women. I've never heard that when a woman dresses as a man where she would be called a transvestite. . Transsexuals are either sex actually taking hormones and undergoing surgery to become the opposite sex.
  • why yes i do know the difference :) a transvestite is usually a straight man or woman who likes to dress up in the opposite sex's clothing. a transsexual is a person who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria has undergone hormone therapy or surgeries to physically become the gender they are mentally & emotionally.
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