• They need to have experienced what it's like to be led.
  • Leaders need to understand that what evil things they do can possibly blow back upon themselves.
  • Humility.
  • 3-7-2017 Followers. Most of what you hear on the subject is bs from military people, and they are not leaders: they are drivers. An agitator draws followers from a mob. A general knows very well that a mob is what his men would turn into without his attention. Soldiers follow orders because they know they will be driven to do it one way or another.
  • The most important need for people who become leaders is creditabily. What you say to others you have to live up to it or other will not trust you and follow your directions anymore.
  • A good follower character. Because you cannot be a good leader if you don't know how to become a good follower.
  • I've been a leader all my life. First thing a leader needs, in my opinion, is a role model for leadership. I use the Bible as my guide. My belief is that a good leader must also be a good follower. Have the mindset that they have a duty to those above AND below them. A good leader does not have to know all the answers - they just need to be able to find the answers when called upon. Some say leaders are born and not made. Leaders are BOTH born and can be trained to take the responsability. The best ones are usually naturally born to take charge.
  • The most important thing besides being generally competent to do the job is to respect and empathize with the people in your charge.
  • Experience, Will Power, motivating power

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