• There are a couple people on here (no names will be given) who routinely piss me off.
  • Great to hear Icy, same for me here!
  • When I try to understand something better I try to get as many perspectives on it as possible and ab gives me a good opportunity to get them.
  • AB has given me the opportunity to express my views in their entirety,without fear that it will cause huge rows or shock those who THINK they know me but dont.+5 It has brought me people I am comfortable to swap ideas with, jokes and serious stuff too.
  • They become real people with great input and humor to let you know that you are never alone on here. It's very nice. I know if I met you in person I would love you. I know that if I never meet you in person that friendship is just as strong. You are a presence in my life now. That is something that I did not account for when I just came on here last year to answer a few questions for fun. I met a lot of smart, funny and real humans on here. The possibilities are endless. You can do almost anything with connections. You can travel with them, even get married like gtravels did. You can start a business or get support with a problem. It's really amazing if you have the gratitude to appreciate it all.
  • Yes the majority of the members are lovely and I enjoy my time here +5
  • Made me smile
  • It changed my perspective on how much an online friendship can mean. AB is the first interweb site that I have ever conversed with strangers on. Before it I scoffed at the idea of real friendship found on the net and was convinced that you could only make friends in real life...I'm happy to admit I was wrong as I have met some great people here, who I hope will be in my life for a long time in one way or another.
  • AB has helped me talk, chat, argue and make broke me out of boredom...
  • Answerbag has helped me understand so much more than I used to. I just like it enough to keep coming back.
  • Taught me that I have real friends in every dimension. +5
  • AB has made me realize that there is a large number of people out there stupider and more ignorant than I. It has also dramatically increased the number of people who can kiss my ass.
  • same here icy AB makes me happy every time i am on here i love this site so very much
  • I'm sexually active. Im not on the pill. I JustFinishedMyLatePeriod3DaysAgo and I have had brown discharge since I finished it. The discharge is light and comes sometime after I have abdominal pain. Could this mean I'm pregnant?WhatElseCouldItBe? This is the new question on here. I told her to find you and ask you.
  • Well, when I joined, I wasn't sad, I was looking for answers for a webpage I was building. Then I found I could answer those questions (very few gave points). Then, I found more questions I could answer, and did so, many with funny answers. People liked my humor, so I continued. I finished my webpage/site, and joined AB in earnest. I found that there are a lot of people on here that need help, and many who help others. THAT'S what brought me here and as kept me here. Around May of 2008, almost a year after I started, and a mere 6-8 months or so after I began in earnest here, I answered a question by GTravels, "If Answerbag shut down, what would be the last thing you'd want to tell your fellow ABers?" (Yes... She duped her own question that she had asked 9 months earlier. LOL) Even then, I knew. See my answer to her question: . My perspective didn't change that much about being able to find friends on the internet. What has changed, though, is how close you can get to some people you only know through a website. It's amazing. And, yes. AB makes me happy, as do all the friends I've found here. It really hurts when I see some of them go.
  • They (ab members) are funny at times.
  • Because, if do not help someone i fell sad. on AB i am able to easily help to get out from there problems and that make me happy. and makes my life haapy. thanks ab
  • I've learned a lot about people, both good and bad....:-D....:-(.... . . .
  • I would say ab has given me a place to be where I can contribute and try to help other people which makes me feel less sad and apart from everything.
  • Thanks to Answerbag I no longer wear underwear on my head..... I guess that's a good thing isn't it?
  • AB has made me able to spread my opinions through the internet and be part of a little community. I am very happy this way.
  • The secret is in the AB'ers! They make anyday a special day! +4
  • I too, was in a bad way when i 1st stumbled onto AB. It pulled me back from the 'edge' and the rest is history. I am very glad to have found this site where i enjoy perusing the questions/answers (although I've not had much free time as of late) and i learn a lot as well:)
  • I find I'm a sociable person and like being around other people! Who Knew?
  • AB makes me realize that internet life can be more fun than real life...and much less stressful. +5

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