• So that's what you are after hey?! Well all you really need is control of the army, or some sort of armed force. Once you have that under your belt, you can force populations to live under your laws. That is one of the reasons why I am a supporter of the second amendment.
  • Well, be in a quiet place and be seated if that is most comfortable to you, have your secretary sit near you where she can here you clearly, make sure she has a good supply of pencils or pens and a fresh note pad, and start dictating. Simple.
  • Study the techniques of George Bush
  • Ah... how should I start? There are many ways to become a dictator. I suggest to take advantage of a majority of the population, preferably the working poor, to gain support. Before they stir up trouble FOR you, get in the favor with the power that be. Everything else will fall into place =) This will most likely work if you are planning to take over a weak democracy, however, it works in many cases, also.
  • The first major step toward that goal, as Hitler practiced with great success, is to convince the public that the free press is the enemy of the people. That way as the press alerts the public to politicians who are subverting freedoms the dictator's PR people claim the press is lying simply to promote the political opponents to the dictator. The term these days is "Fake Media News" or just "Fake News".
  • Run for President of your homeowners association.

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