• The bloodtest (if it was a storebought test) can be wrong. I would say get tested again.
  • It is possible that you are suffering from something like Hypoglycemia, which can delay a period, make you dizzy and pretty much all your symptoms. I would say go to your doctor again and have him or her do a battery of blood work. Being sensitive to smells seems like pregancy to me, but then again the tests say otherwise (for now). Good luck
  • It could be a viral infection in which case many times they will not show up on most commonly ordered blood panels. If it is still bad Monday, I would call the doctor's office and ask to have a more complete exam and bloodwork, which would show up some of the more hard to diagnose things that could cause the symptoms you are having.
  • It could be a sympothy pregancy, my son is 16 & over the years I've had plenty of symptoms. Our body like to say physch.......... made ya think. I had the nausous, morning sickness ect. But when I had the prgancy test it came back neg. usually a day or so after I took the test I started. I think its mother natures way of showing us she's still the boss of our bodies.(bitch) hang in there i'm sure it will come around as soon as you start thinking about the bliss of being motherhood.
  • Sounds like you might have a migraine, cuz i have one right now too.
  • you might be pregnant
  • maybe you should go see your doctor and get checked out

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