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  • way too easy
  • With the utmost easiness. She is my best friend and comrade.
  • ...From the moment we say 'goodbye' or 'goodnight', I miss him terribly. I have very bad seperation anxiety. I hate it, sometimes. And, I miss him. Badly. *whimper*
  • Not very.. ; )
  • Why, did she go somewhere?
  • Never had one and probably not for a while.
  • Very easilly. I have had to travel for work recently. And I cant stand being away from my family!!
  • who ? +5
  • I really miss him, just because he made me laugh:):):) I loved him and married him because he just made me laugh!!:) I do miss him sometimes:)
  • I dont know if I miss my significant other or if I miss the internet connection when I am away. She is my other half. It is not easy to lose track of a other half. Until we are whole again, we are both halves.
  • Oh so easily, he is my best friend, my reason to laugh my reason to smile, sometimes but hardly very often my reason to cry but that hasn't been for a while. He makes me so happy and even when I'm with others I wonder whether he's happy and what he's up to. I'm not going to get to spend much time with him over the christmas break there is a month where he is going to be away and I miss him already, not that he's left yet :P
  • my wife... (very soon to be ex) very easily... in fact I am fairly certain I couldn't hit her. she ran away with cyber BF#3 2290 miles (though I have moved 600 miles closer)... I don't think there is a balistic (not self propelled like a rocket) in the world that could hit her from here. the woman I love (I did not know her until nearly 2 months after my wife ran away.) I feel she is my soul mate (something I never felt for anyone, even my wife) I long to be in her arms and I have never met her in real life. we both think it is insane that we both feel this way having never met in person. I miss her within minutes of turning off the chat window. (those who detest religion or the idea of chastity stop reading now) while we have very intimate conversations on the webcam, they are spiritualy intimate and nonsexual. We both believe god is directing our hearts to eachother dispite the atlantic ocean keeping us apart. we are successfully keeping our relationship pure.
  • After a whole year, I'm trying to get used to it. Thought we would be together by now.

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