• It's called OTA, over the air transmission and it's free. Local TV channels use OTA and dependent upon your location to their transmission towers - you buy an antennae and hook it up to your digital TV (or via converter if you don't have a digital TV) and you'll not only be able to pick these channels up in crisper resolution than via cable, but free as well. (Note: you won't receive satellite transmissions like Discovery Channel, A&E, etc.) Do some research; a moderately priced antenna and converter (if you don't have an in-TV digial converter) will get you a return on investment within 2 months. I live in an apartment, 10 stories up, and get about 15 local channels this way (up to 60 km range (in range of transmission towers and without significant obstructions).
  • here, they call it terrestrial
  • Broadcast ... ~Nemo~
  • OTA over the air
  • We always called it broadcast television, because it is broadcast over the air.
  • How about local

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