• I would try to be happy because at least they have a job. But I would then wonder am I not doing a good enough job? Or would another company pay me better?
  • I think it would only be natural to feel jealous.You would prpbably think it wasnt fair.
  • I'd be jealous of course, and I honestly wouldn't be happy nor angry with the friend. I'd give them a small congratulations and go on about my merry way, and if it honestly bothered me so much I'd ask for a raise.
  • What does she have that you don't? Have you asked her what does it take to get that? If your close friends he/she would try to make you genuinely happy.
  • Ouch. I can feel the sting...maybe you ought to reapply to new positions or employers. +4 I'm not important enough to have a secretary, but I'd love to interview you :)
  • Ya, I'm happy for my friend.. I'm just terribly depressed about myself.
  • hell no
  • I'd pretend to be happy (and I would be, in a way, for them) but yes, I would feel bad. I would immediately start job hunting!
  • happy friend has a job but, maybe a tad jealous.
  • To their face, yes. Behind their back I be jealous, quit my job and look else where. Or I ask my friend if she can get me a job where she is working.
  • Of course I am. It is not his/her fault that the company/boss pays better than mine does. Happy Monday to you! :)
  • Well, there are all kinds of office jobs, from delivering mail to being an administrator responsible for budgets worth millions of dollars. Without more detail to compare the 2 jobs, it's impossible for me to tell you how I would feel. But I will tell you that my son who is 28 is already making more than I am after 23 years of working for the same employer. I am a little jealous, but I have to keep telling myself that the more my children make, the more they will be contributing to my pension!!
  • its human nature to feel a bit jealous. but dont blame your friend, its not their fault. you should try to be happy about their success and use it as a challenge to fight for what you feel you deserve. maybe you should look for a new job if you feel you arent valued....:)
  • Not immediately. But it would probably put some fire under my butt to start looking for a way better job. It could also be they have a better skill set and you may want to take some courses to help beef up your resume. However if you are happy with your work enviroment then I wouldn't be jealous. Some jobs pay great but the stress is a killer. And some jobs pay their employees great and go belly up.
  • Yeah I would be happy. However that would mean that I am settling and I would have to broaden my horizons.
  • Sure happy for him because that's good for him. Would be very disappointed towards myself though... +5
  • Absolutely.
  • I always try to remember, someone else's good fortune is in now way My "Bad" fortune. I'm happy for her, I just hope its not in My office.

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