• Yes, but not like in a serious way. I don't like to have to be quiet in the boat. And if mosquitoes come, I'm off to the Holiday Inn.
  • I love both things: camping and fishing. It's sort of funny that seems that a woman camping alone is not very common, because the park rangers always make a lot of rounds in the places I go camping.
  • Camping is a great way to get away from it all in the summer if you go with the right people. As for fishing its pretty fun for me, but don't expect me to catch anything besides bullheads and painted turtles. :P
  • I enjoy doing both
  • I enjoy both very much.
  • I prefer camping/fishing to most anything
  • I love camping..Im pitching a tent right now in anticipation
  • i go camping allmost every weekend sort of , i have a 31 foot travel trailer on an acre of ground near 11 stocked lakes . i take my atv and ride around looking at stuff and just goof off all weekend.
  • No im a fat american :) I just want to be infront of my computer all day.
  • nope... four seasons hotel for me and then may be hiking and walk on the beach...
  • I'd rather go camping- hiking, smores, campfires etc. are so much more fun.
  • Neither. I almost drowned in a lake once, and worms are gross. Besides, if there's no electricity, there's no reason for me to be there.
  • Yeah I love to get away from it all. It makes you appreciate the finer things in life, a quiet lake or a sunset for example. It also makes you appreciate how easy you have it and how comfortable life is once you get back to modern civilization.
  • I used to, I suppose I will again sooner or later.
  • Yup, I definitely like to camp & fish, especially fish, as of late. (...just don't ask me to put the worm on the hook!)   This past Sunday afternoon my husband & I and our lively dog jumped into the green canoe we'd hidden at the lake's edge and fished in one of our favourite lakes. It was raining ever so slightly, the colours of the maple trees were nearing the season's brilliance and I caught 3 fish. Well, one fish was a 5" minnow and none were 'keepers' but it was still a fun afternoon! :)

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