• 1)abortion isn't "killing unborn humans". you can't kill an unborn object, because its unborn. 2)Michael Vick got jailed for animal cruelty for dog fighting not for killing dogs. he's not a serial dog-slaughtering nazi 3)abortion is legal because it's the parent's choice 4)if abortion wasn't legal people would just purposely end the existence of the unborn child inhumanely look at it whatever way you want ;)
  • I hope you are prepared to hear from those who will tell you that an abortion is different b/c its not really a human life. I am NOT one of those. I agree with you. Its crazy, its nuts. A woman can walk into a clinic, planning the pre-meditated murder of her unborn baby and have other people "cheer" her choice, yet a driver may be involved in a fatal car accident where a mother and her unborn child dies. The driver didnt mean it, it was an accident but still they are guilty of a double homicide. A 14 yr old girl can go behind her parents back and get an abortion but cant take a tylenol to school. Its all nuts. From the moment of conception, it is a life.
  • If he'd been killing unborn puppies, then he wouldn't have gone to prison. Besides, unborn babies aren't human. Ask the pro-convenience-abortionists. They're duck-billed platypus' or marmosets or something. Maybe iguana's. Nobody has been able to answer that to my satisfaction yet. But evidently there is something magical about passing through the birth canal that turns the little sandshark into a human being. Unless it doesn't make it all the way out of the birth canal before getting a pair of surgical scissors jammed into it's lizard brain. Then it's just raw meat, to be tossed into the medical waste. Bring on the DR's, trolls. I could care less.
  • I'm gonna be pedantic here..... did he go to prison for killing unborn dogs? If not I dont see the connection.
  • Now I'll give you point's... but don't even get me started!!!!!
  • It is ridiculous to say the least. Al human life is sacred no matter if its born yet or not.
  • two entirely seperate issues.
  • The dogs were already born, anyways.....there's homeless children and dogs and you pro-lifers aren't very adamant about them, what gives?
  • Abortion is a women's issue. It is an issue that should be left entirely in their hands. Cruelty to children who are born IS prosecuted, sometimes gleefully even. I can't abide Disney animal right types, but any one who would hurt an animal for just no good reason deserves to be punished.
  • Killing unborn humans is not legally protected. Removing foetuses which, if left alone, would become humans is legally protects. To those who support abortion, a foetus is not yet a human, it is just a blob of cells growing inside a woman. If left along, it will one day become a human and acquire human rights. But it is not one yet.
  • Very simple. They value dogs' lives above humans' lives. That is why it is so easy for people to harm young children in our society. We hear it on the news nearly everyday. It frankly sickens me.

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