• First I would thank the Lord for letting me into heaven. Then I would visit with my father and grandparents.
  • I would choose for there to be somethibng else where I can spend eternity with my annoying family, but i just don't think there is
  • I would like that my family is well settled in thier life and all the children are well educated and stand on thier feet.
  • resurrection
  • I have the ability to choose, and have already done so. After I'm done with this "shell," it will be donated to the University of Nevada - Reno, so the medical students there can use it on which to practice their surgical techniques. After they are done hacking into me and removing all kinds of body parts from me, it is my understanding that I will be given a "dignified cremation." I'm happy, knowing that my small contribution may eventually help a promising young surgeon learn his/her craft. I carry a laminated card in my wallet that instructs whoever finds my dead body, to call a toll-free number to notify the University that, "you have one to pick up and transport." +5
  • I would hope to be in the Garden of Eden as God intended!
  • To be freed from all problems, know the answers to all the questions and why rotten things that have occurred, to meet God and my loved ones who I have missed so much. =5
  • Be a ghost!!!!!
  • reincarnation as an all powerful god
  • In heaven with the blessed mother and Christ with all the saints and angels.....How wonderful would that be..
  • To re-live my life again in the same body and mind, but this time with only the happy times and new happy adventures, and with all the people I loved in my previous life.
  • I don't know what I would choose but I imagine if people could choose, the suicide rate would dramatically increase!
  • I would choose to be reborn in a sortof hub world where I could explore and live again in my dreams I had in life.

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