• 1 Day or when I'm really sick 3 days.
  • my company prefers 2 hour notice. i work days and don't get up 2 hours before work. yesterday i gave my um about a 5 minute notice i realized as i was sitting at computer was not going to make it. i slept most of day and most of last night. getting ready to hit the bed again. +5
  • I usually tell them on my way out the door the day before. We get 14 days a year so its not a big deal.
  • the minute I am sick, and feel that I can't go to work.
  • The morning of, as soon as somone is in the building.
  • If I wake up in the morning and know I'm not going to make it to work, I call immediately... that's about 1 hour before I'm supposed to arrive. Some days I try to make myself get up and get ready - and right before I'm about to leave I realize I feel too crappy and I'm staying home - those days they get about 10 minutes notice. But, I work in an office where I have my own job duties, and most people's days aren't affected by my presence. So, it doesn't put anyone out if they find out last minute that I can't make it. When I used to work retail I'd call as soon as I knew someone was in the store to take my call - depending on what shift I had that could be 1-2 hours notice, or 8 hours notice.
  • Between 8:30 and 9:30. Company's rule. Then they have time to call someone.
  • I make sure to call when i know my boss isn't at work yet so I don't have to have a converstaion with anyone...I just leave a message....We don't need anyone to fill in for us, so it's not a big deal
  • As soon as I wake up and know I am not going to make it through the day.
  • Depends on when my fever or nauseua hits me. Its almost impossible to give an employer an advance notice, unless you are in the hospital and someone else calls for you. If i wake up and have a fever, i will call right then. this is usually around two hours notice.
  • The moment I know I'm too sick to deal with driving or working.....
  • When I was working, most of the companies I worked for wanted an 8 hour notice so that they could find another person to fill in.
  • about 5 minutes in advance :P
  • My work gives me a hour.+5
  • as soon as you know you cant go to work
  • If you wake up sick you call and leave a message at your syart work time or if you ate up very early and the work phone sysyem has voice mail and youre up at 4 call then. But no later than your start time. If you have to take a sick hours or a day for doctor or dentist then as soon as the appt is made put in a request for the time off.

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