• Regardless of the new dog or not you will not feel any more or less pain. If you really love the dog then do just her. Try and make what she has left as happy and full as possible....and think of this....does she really need the compitition of another dog for your affection right now....and does she feel well enough to have a young dog bouncing around her all the time?
  • When my first cat died I waited a couple of day (don't know why) and went to the spca and got another one. After my second cat died I say I would never get another cat. I lasted 1 day and again went to the spca and got another one. Thankfully I was able to take him home the same day. I still miss both my cats very very much. Getting my 3rd cat really helped me not feel so alone. My 2nd & 3rd cat came and stayed with me everytime started to cry, so I know it really helped me.
  • It's not fair to the puppy for it to go through a period when you can't even look at it. Wait until after your dog is gone.
  • It isn't a good idea. A 12 year old dog who is used to being the only dog and isn't doing very well isn't going to be best served by having a puppy bothering it. Also you will find it draining to have a puppy going through the chewing, housebreaking phase just as you may be needing to give more care to your older dog. Then there is the new puppy to think of. It will get used to having the older dog around and will miss her too. You will be devastated when she passes,no doubt about it. That is as it should be. We owe them that for the unconditional love they give us. I'm sorry you are losing your friend.
  • Getting a new pet to help heal from the loss of another is a good idea. Some think it is not, but we know we are not replacing the former pet, we just need something to share our love with. I do not think however that it is a good idea to do in now, having a new puppy can be very stressful on a pet that is already in the home, while most animals adjust pretty quickly to the new addition, this would be putting uneeded stress on a dying pet. You really should try to give your love and attention to your dog now in the end of it's life. You should however research where you are going to get a new pet so that you can get the new one asap if possible and if-and-when you are up to it after the loss of your loved pet. it after
  • I have a 13 year old labrador and took the step of getting a new puppy. The puppy has been much calmer for having an older dog with him and the old dog has a spring in his step a bit more as he is happy to go for walks with the new dog. The little one snuggles up to him and is now six months old and they get on very well. The older one is still fussed up as is the little one. They even share a bowl of food at times. I love both of them and will be very sad when the time comes for my older one and I expect the puppy will miss him too. But unfortunately you have to tell youself you have given them a lovely life and that is all you can do.
  • You might want to wait until your Labrador passes and have some time to grieve your loss and celebrate her life. Either way, a new puppy is a great way to fill the void of a lost dog.
  • Everybody is different. For me, I have never had "just 1 dog". 3 or 4 is closer to my normal. I can tell you this, it does not matter if you have other dogs, or wait Until you have finished mourning. You will mourn, each dog is different there is no such thing as taking some ones place. As much as you will love the new dog, that dog will not ever be the same as the old dog. So my answer is do what you think is best for both you and the old dog that you have now.

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