• He's a goofball with no social skills cause by being home schooled !!
  • I get the feeling he's a little slow. But I think I'd be slightly embarrassed that my kid acted like such a douche on television.
  • I'm embarrassed and I don't even know him.
  • The homeschooling must stop.
  • Are you sure he won a spelling bee?? From his voice (And I only heard him say his name) he sounds like a mistake let roam the world..
  • Goes to show you no matter how smart a person is, he/she can still be the biggest jerk in the world. Instead of spending all that time honing his spelling skills, this boy should spend some much needed time honing his social skills. Too much study and no play makes Evan a very dull boy indeed. If my child acted like this, she would be made to apologize to the lady interviewer, on the air. Social propriety is the cornerstone of civilized society, and children need to learn that from an early age, so as to not become mannerless clods and bullies when they grow up.
  • Oops! It seems that modesty slipped through his fingers, when he got his 15 min. of fame. Shame. Manners can be taught and kids can learn. I would be embarrassed for a little while, but then I would try and fix the "problem" (lack of manners) of my kid.
  • home schoolinf effects... thats why schools are important
  • Yes, I'd be embarrassed. Very embarrassed. I'm watching this video and literally want to smack him through the screen. Douchy douche.
  • I would be embarraased for him but its not nice to be put on the spot like that.
  • There is a pretty good chance if that was my kid and I home schooled the rude little turd it would be my fault he acted that way. I'd be embarrassed with myself for not teaching him a few manners and maybe a dash of humility.
  • Of course he's home schooled. I'd give him 15 minutes in our school before someone kicks his ass. Besides the normal teenage gawkiness, he has no social skills that is one of the reason that home schooled kids need to be integrated into society. At least he should be taking some classes in school. What is he going to do when he wants a job or higher education? When you are raised in isolation by a mother that obviously dotes over you, you believe that you are as good as your mother says.

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