• I think the higher in level you go, the more is branches off into specialties to suit different carreers. But don't qoute me on that I barely passed Algebra 2. :-|
  • The highest level of math is arithmetic. You can't get any greater than the foundation. But for the sake of this, I've heard many of my professors say that advanced disciplines in geometry are by far the most difficult and complex.
  • Fields Medal
  • i thought it's calculas
  • Highest as in "greatest, most noble"? Or highest as in "most sophisticated"? Or highest as in "most difficult"? Let's say meta-mathematics as it's literally "high mathematics" and can be great, noble, sophisticated *and* difficult.
  • Anything you can think of. It helps to be able to think straight. Try this link:
  • 12-21-2016 Quaternions are so complex that you can't even find someone to teach the concept to you. Some people learn how to manipulate the terms, but I have never found any explanation of how they describe reality.

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