• Cyclist pissed you off have they....
  • No. It is matter of safety.
  • I read this about the rules in the UK being relaxed for cyclists,on one ways streets and pavements...they do as they like anyway so what would be the difference. I have no objection as long as they give way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians on the Pigs might fly..get out of my way I'm coming through come hell or high water....... I would like to say now that I am a cyclist and follow exactly the same rules as I do when I'm driving.
  • No, they shouldn't. If I'm driving along a one-way street I don't expect a cyclist to come speeding down the wrong way - and bikes can move quite fast. I wouldn't want my car's bonnet scratched by a cyclist's teeth.
  • A cyclist hit me as I was crossing the street once, she was going the wrong way. I didn't get hurt, fortunately, but she went over her handlebars and splatted on the street. While not seriously hurt I hope she learned her lesson that SHE caused the accident and it was NOT the job of pedestrians to look for bike traffic coming from the WRONG direction.

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