• No one can drag you in if you don't allow it. You can't stop what other people are doing but you can control your own actions.
  • Pretend you've become an evangalistic christian....then watch um scatter....hjahahhahsahha
  • Mark your own territory, hon. "This is mine and this is me. You want to be my friend, play by my rules..."
  • There will always be SOMEONE...who tries, wants or is willing to try and drag you, me and everyone else into something that WE know or believe is either not a great idea, not something we WANT to do, or that we are convinced will not serve OUR interests and goals well! FREE WILL! Often more that we realize, we have the right and ability to SAY NO...and refuse to participate...we only have to acknowledge that we HAVE the right, and that we are firm on our decision. Honesty is generally the best thing out there... "I love you guys, but I'm sorry...I see this as a whole lotta DRAMA, and frankly, that's not what I'm here for, nor do I find it interesting or in keeping with the things I need and want to do with my life or time here. PLEASE, leave me out of the head games! If you need or want help with any school work, I'm in, but the rest of this song and dance isn't working for me." Will they get pissed off at you, maybe...Will they ignore you...maybe...will they suck you dry if you don't stand up for what you want and believe in...VERY, VERY LIKELY! I do not believe you would look your best as a sucked dry prune! An Honor Roll Student....hmmmmm now THAT would be a great LOOK on you and open more doors that could lead ultimately to FUN and opportunities as you go along! YEAH! Someone KNOWN to take the high road in NOT playing head games...someone accountable, friendly, caring, honest with a great sense of humor? THAT'S an AWESOME look for you, and I'm willing to bet you can do it...VERY well!
  • I don't have a clue what your drama is about but here is what I would do....tell all of the players that you are going to take a pass on this and back away and let them sort it all out. Then do it. Refuse to take sides, give advice/opinions/comments. Don't roll you eyes..don't breathe heavy sighs. Remove yourself entirely from the situation. Good luck to you and Happy Friday! :)

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