• They are simply following their Religious Leaders. C of E and the Catholic religions are worth billions. Seems hypocritical to me considering Jesus's command! Just how many starving people are there in the world?
  • Maybe to them it is not their commandment.
  • They rationalize it by saying that it applied to the disciples, not to themselves. It's an example of cherry-picking. The same people who cling to material wealth are often all too happy to apply arcane OT and NT rules to others.
  • Honestly, I think most Christian are Christians only because they feel they should be. Maybe they were raised like that, or married into it, but a lot do it because they feel obligated to. Because of that, it's very easy to pick and choose what to follow. "Don't kill people" - sure... "Remember the Sabbath" - I'll try. "Give up everything you have and find solace in Jesus" - umm.... "Kill your son if he questions your faith" - probably not. Over time, the Bible has been followed more and more through individual interpretations. Very, very few people live exactly the way the Bible tells you to (in some cases, doing what the Bible tells you to will send you straight to prison with a life sentence). People believe what they want to believe and follow what they want to follow- in quite a few cases, that is what interferes with their life the least.
  • Christians aren't really good at following the rules, especially the ones that spoil your fun.
  • because people now a days a jews
  • because they are the same as the rich,young, man , that asks Jesus , what he should do for eternal life...he explained how righteous and good he thought he was....but in the end , he walked away, he could not give up all he had and follow HIM....he was too materialistic....I AM had to of trully been sad to see him turn his back....but many will and do...:)
  • Because when they say "I have given up all of my material possessions to follow my religion", people think they are Buddhists!
  • selfishness
  • I don't think they take this as a literal commandment. How can one expect to survive or support a family after having done this? I personally interpret it to mean that they are to be ready and willing to give up everything in their lives to follow Jesus. I also think it means that they are to give up everything about their past, sinful lives in order to follow him into a new life. Jesus made other comments in this same vein (parables?). There is one that says finding the kingdom of God is like a man who finds a treasure hidden in a field. He immediately hides it back, goes and sells everything he owns, and buys the field. Maybe the point is that nothing you can own in this world is worth sacrificing salvation. I think Christians can be cut a break on this one. I think it's clear this isn't meant to be followed literally. Just my opinion.
  • I'm not a disciple. And it's not a basic commandment.
  • been wondering this all my life and now I'm 75 and still no DETEST all organized religions to begin with; they are man-made!!! ..........this about for 'giving all thou hast & follow me"........guess the money-grubbing christians just don't feel it applies to me the vatican is the one that gripes me the most.....with their millions of dollars & gold, precious artworks, etc..........I once worked with a man who managed the properties owned by the catholic church in my town!! I thought he was kidding......nope, that was his job............. I am so outraged I better stop before I say stuff I shouldn't and on an unrelated note, if you DO insist in giving to a church, AT LEAST MAKE IT ONE IN YOUR OWN TOWN AND NOT THE JACKASSES ON TV!!!!!! .......end of :-D
  • 8-14-2017 Jesus never commanded any such thing of his disciples. He did command some stranger to do that, which tells us that the stranger would probably never be a disciple because he was too attached to his wealth. Christians are not bound by commandments; Jews were bound by commandments. Christ was not a Christian.
  • Jesus was talking to one man, a very rich man, who loved his riches and what they could do for him. Jesus knew the man would not do this because the man's riches meant too much to him. If the man would have done this he would be richly blessed. This command was only for this one man and no others.

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