• That person has to be a close relative. If any other person makes such an offers, I would doubt the motive.
  • I agree with LeMeThink it has to be a relative
  • If they say its a gift, its a damn gift. :) Send them a thank you card.
  • You thank them very much. Hubby and I took some kids with us to the zoo. They didn't come with enough money to cover the admission and lunch. We covered the funds and then gave their folks a CD with pictures on it. Their father tried to pay us money for taking the kids to the zoo. This was insulting because we invited the kids, we were not looking for payment back. Needless to say, we did not accept the money.
  • That would only happen IF it were a relative in the first place.
  • No obligation here. my wife and i took my son and daughters best friends with us, on a trip to Jamaica. we did ask to be repaid. the trip was on us, just because we wanted to. Be thankful your child has a friend that has a parent thats this generous. Until i suspected something out of line, i would accept the gifts and say thank you. Maybe, next time, you can return the favor.
  • Who is this person? Can they take me? Maybe a gracious thank you is good and maybe take their child (if they have one)to lunch/dinner and the movies.
  • I don't think there's any simple, single answer that applies in all situations. There are so many factors which might influence the outcome, such as: - Do you think this person wants something intangible, like control? Are they just rich and big-hearted, or do you sense some ulterior purpose? - How easy is it for you to repay them? - What do you think the child might learn from the incident? - What motives do you have for wanting to repay it or accept it? Complicated situations rarely conform to simple, boilerplate solutions. The trick is to be aware of what's going on, and have your actions be informed by your values... to "listen" to the whole situation without being fixated on one absolute or another. When you can do that, the mind has a wonderful ability to navigate and create elegant solutions to complicated problems, and you might actually come up with a different answer each time. The measure of success is when your actions fit THIS exact situation, not whether your actions fit some preconceived model.
  • Id Offer The Money Back And If They Say No Then Just Say Thankyou .
  • Do you know this person well?:)

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