• My daughter has been "helping" me since she was 3. She started out by getting things out of the fridge, helping stir, pouring things in, etc... She loves to help and learn.
  • Maybe 6 or 7. My late mother, Gawd rest her soul, would always include me in things she was doing in the kitchen, and not only did I learn a few things, I also appreciated just how hard she worked, to provide for my kid brother and me. +5
  • as soon as they can this can be a very special time and children love helping in the kitchen.
  • It depends on the child, and how interested they are in cooking. If your toddler want's to help pour and stir things in the kitchen, and you aren't in a rush, let them 'help'. The sooner they can cook, the better.
  • I learnd to peel patatos at two and was cuting them into cubes for potatoes o gratan at four. by ten I was cooking breakfast for my family on saterdays. When my son was 8 months I put crackers in a zip lock bag for him to cruch to use as a toping for a caserole. The importent thange at very young ages is to make sure it is safe for them and that they are haveing fun.
  • When kids are very young they can "help." If may increase the time of preparing the meal but they love to help by pouring ingredients into a bowl, cracking an egg, making big messes, putting flatware into the garbage, setting the table, -- yes they are great helpers. Mom, just take Tylenol and let the kids help.
  • As young as possible so that it can be another bond that the mother or father can share with the child.
  • I was doing actual cooking by the age of 7. My granddaughter has been helping me cook since she was 5 and is doing quite well.
  • As early as they are able to observe, and later to participate. I started around age 4, watching my Mother as she measured, mixed, seasoned, formed casseroles, pounded meat to tenderize it, peeled potatoes, chopped vegetables, etc. My greatest fascination, even more than cooking, was watching her bake. Tasting the results made the entire process seem like a magic show. As an adult, I value her recipes and the homemade touches she used. Now I realize it was like watching an artist paint or a musician play an instrument. Today Culinary Arts is recognized as a skilled profession. Thanks for a good question! +5
  • Girls should start watching at about 6 months, they can start helping out at around their first birthday.

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