• a record label...WitchTower records...
  • fascination station (a place that would have all kinds of stuff for adults that would make them ohhh and ahhh) +5
  • I have already owned a Restaurant. It was called "Don Quixote".
  • I have my own business and established name,so no need to think for that.Thank you for good question+5
  • I would first have to build a shop that looked like a brown shopping bag. It would be a "bit of everything" place. Your purchases would be sent home in a brown paper bag, and the name of the shop would be my initials--- The BAG Lady.
  • A vineyard. Triad.
  • I'd set up a writers guild, providing a secure forum for budding writers to discuss ideas & develop stories. Also to promote authors to publishing houses, TV companies, & magazines, providing legal representation & help. I would like to set this up as a web based firm that also publishes stories on-line for downloading... that'd be sweet. Cant think of a name right now but it'd have to be groovy!
  • It would be Hand made furniture to order! I'd call it Hand Job! :-/
  • Shaggers Inn the advertising is not too aggressive but the rooms would be clean and the bathrooms large. The bar and resturant would make people want to cum again
  • If I tell my idea, someone will steal it. I will tell you though, it is a clever one. *teehee*

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