• The real issue is how one reacts to the conduct. True, you can yell "fire" in a crowded theater and expect to "stir things up" a bit. But it is really the reaction chosen by the audience that you're talking about. So when someone says, or does something, we the audience are the ones who choose our reactions. Not the actor.
  • I prefer people that can help calm things down. I like people who know how to help you get rid of stress. Like a good Yoga Teacher or someone that can negotiate without being overly nasty.
  • Only those who are the type who like fishing in troubled waters would want to stir the mud up. Those wanting to earn an honest living would always be trying to let things calm down and settle. I belong to the later group and would not like to hang around with the former group.
  • I lean towards habitual line-steppers.
  • I prefer to calm things down, but depending on my mood I prefer to be around stirrers.

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