• I have a little pile of jackal vomit following me around, also. There's nothing we can do about it, except contact some folks in Newark to "remove the stone" from our shoes. Want me to follow you around and give you positive points for all of your questions? No charge, you know... +5
  • I don't now. I did once but I goaded her into it. I reported her and that was the end of it. Have you had any known confrontations with this person?
  • I've had that for several weeks. The only way they stopped was when I stopped coming here for about a week! That's subject to change. Sometimes it's just a few here or there and sometimes many in a row. I had at least 15 one after the other one day when I opened my "view my profile and activity" page. I suggested, like many before me; that they do away with DRs because they are pointless. I requested a reply, but never received one.
  • Just about anybody who has been a member for more than a few months.
  • I haven't had a real good one in a while. Just the odd DR's from someone who doesn't like my answers. I'm due for some good trolling soon.
  • It appears there are those on here who live to DR. I have already received 2 DR for an answer I just left. It seems when it starts I get several right together. I guess they go to there 'friends' and send them my way. They are total chickensh.ts as they do it anonymously.
  • Just be glad someone cares enough...
  • Not currently. Have before. Will most likely have one again. Doesn't matter to me though, just say what ya want and fuck the rest, whether it's good or bad.

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